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Growing Our Peanuts

Watch our peanuts grow

Welcome to Marks Farms! In these pictures you will see our peanut growing season.

The picture of the tractor going across the field should be the picture you start with. It starts with Gary and Willie planting peanuts. If you notice the pictures with the tape measure, the peanuts are 1.5 inches tall at two weeks old.

Next you can see the peanuts at 8 weeks of age and they are now 5 inches tall and 13 inches wide and have not yet begun to peg back into the ground as the close up picture shows.

The next picture is the field of peanuts at eight weeks.

The next set were taken September 7th.

The following two pictures are upclose shots taken on September 11th.

As the pictures progress you can see how the plant gets wider and thicker. Also, one of the unique things about the peanut plant is that it is a legume, which instead of the nut itself growing above ground, the plant actually has growths that turn and go back into the ground allowing the peanut to grow underground. In the last couple of pictures, you can tell we were harvesting.

There is a picture of a load of nuts being dumped from the combine to the drying trailer and a picture of a field after it has been harvested and the vines have been rolled into bales.

The last picture Bob is dumping a peanut trailer to be loaded into a tractor trailer to be taken to the shellers so we can then have them blanched and brought back here to be cooked.

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